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Donald Moser February 15, 2024
"I love this place. They take my boat in and out of storage whenever I call. It’s convenient. They’re always pleasant. They offer detailing and service on my boat too. It’s the best thing. I would keep my boat here over my own house to be honest."
Kenneth Yeager February 15, 2024
"All I can say is, "Wow!" ...and Cindy at the front desk is amazing. 👏"
Jared Clingo February 15, 2024
""Marina Cove Storage is like the luxury spa for boats! I mean, they treat my boats with so much care, it's like they're giving them a fancy spa treatment with white gloves. My boats have never been happier... and let's be honest, if my boats are happy, I'm happy. Thanks, Marina Cove, for taking care of my babies like they're your own!""
Rick Fisch February 15, 2024
"I have never used a service like theirs, but I can’t imagine that anyone does as much for their customers as these guys do. I can’t be happier"
Russell Youd February 14, 2024
"Very helpful staff. Great experience."
elevation excavation101 February 14, 2024
"Oh my heck this place is so amazing! I've been a customer for 2 1/2 years. Never met more down to earth kind awesome people. You will never find a better place to store! Thanks for everything Cindy! Your amazing!"